Melbourne Cup!

The Melbourne Cup is round the corner and whilst the majority of us are still trying to find the perfect fascinator, the jockeys are ensuring they do their best not to fall off and get a serious injury.

What is a common injury suffered by jockeys?

One of the most common injuries in sport (including horse riding) is a broken collar bone, also known as a fractured clavicle. 

How do you fracture your clavicle?

This injury typically occurs when someone falls onto the point of the shoulder or with outstretched hands and the stress placed on the bone is so large that it leads to a fracture. The severity of the fracture will depend on whether it is displaced and/or fragmented. 

What happens if you fracture your clavicle?

If you fracture your clavicle you will need an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis. Once this has been done, an orthopaedic doctor will determine whether surgery is needed or whether conservative treatment (with a sling) will suffice. You will then need to undergo physiotherapy to ensure you regain your shoulder range of movement and strength.

Patients with this injury usually return to sport within a few weeks/months once union of the clavicle fracture has occurred.


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