Osteoarthritis of the knee

What is it?

This condition refers to degeneration of the knee joint surfaces and often a loss of space between the thigh and shin bones. It is most commonly found in older adults.



What do I look for?

- Pain and tenderness to touch in the knee region

- Swelling worsening with activity or at the end of the day

- Reduction in the range of movement in the knee

- Weakness and/or imbalances in the knee muscles

- Pain with walking, squatting, kneeling and /or stairs

What causes it?

- Age and general use of the knee

- Previous injury to the joint

Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Sometimes the development of arthritis is inevitable as it is closely linked with age. However, there is evidence nowadays to show that under-active and sedentary people are more likely to get arthritis. So make sure you exercise within your limits and always keep moving!

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